Womersley is a small, design-led, family run artisan food business, concentrating on high quality condiments.
The story began in Womersley, Yorkshire, where the rather flamboyant Martin Parsons planted his large kitchen garden with an array of fragrant herbs and delicious fruit. . .
In 1979, Martin and his wife, Aline, started a local craft shop which also included their homemade jams, chutneys, fruit vinegars and jellies in the village shop. Martin's flair for concocting cocktails in his rakish youth was put to further good use with the elaborate vinegars he devised. Their sons, Rupert and Richard, were quickly enrolled into the business, during school holidays, when they picked endless raspberries - rain or shine!
Rupert took over in 2010 and concentrated on the fruit vinegars for the first few years, but there is more to come. . .

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WOMERSLEY Blackberry Vinegar

Womersley Blackberry Vinegar - (100ml/250ml)This seasonal fruit vinegar gives a bramble aroma to roasted meats and warm hearty stews. With a dark, ric..


WOMERSLEY Blackcurrant & Rosemary Jam - 250g

Womersley Blackcurrant & Rosemary Jam - (250g)More than for scones… This makes a delicious marinade for lamb, perfect on the BBQ or roasted. The inspi..


WOMERSLEY Blackcurrant & Rosemary Vinegar

Womersley Blackcurrant & Rosemary Vinegar - (100ml/250ml)With a sweet and herby aroma, this vinegar perfectly complements poultry and game. Try it wit..


WOMERSLEY Cherry Vinegar

Womersley Cherry Vinegar - 100ml/250mlOur cherry vinegar is a heavenly match for Italian cuisine. Marry with Parma Ham, grilled scallops and mozzarell..


WOMERSLEY Divinely Luxurious Dressing Vinegars Set

Womersley (2 x 250ml) Divinely Luxurious Dressing Vinegars SetFor those with sophisticated taste, enjoy the sensational combination of Lime, Black Pep..


WOMERSLEY Enduringly Popular Vinegars Set

Womersley (3 x 100ml) Enduringly Popular Vinegars SetThis trio of best-sellers is a fantastic introduction to the fresh and enticing flavours that Wom..


WOMERSLEY Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Vinegar

Womersley Golden Raspberry & Apache Chilli Vinegar - (100ml/250ml)Bring a hint of heat to all kinds of salads, both leafy and fruity. This was the win..


WOMERSLEY Great Taste Award Winners 2016 Vinergars Set

Womersley (3 x 100ml) Great Taste Award Winners 2016 Vinergars SetA special selection of Womersley's three latest award winning fruit vinegars:Golden ..


WOMERSLEY Lemon, Basil, Bay & Juniper Vinegar

Womersley Lemon, Basil, Bay & Juniper Vinegar - (100ml/250ml)Our unique blend of zesty and herby flavours make this a lively salad dressing and tangy ..


WOMERSLEY Lime, Black Pepper & Lavender Vinegar

Womersley Lime, Black Pepper & Lavender Vinegar - (100ml/250ml)Our sweet and sour blend brings out the freshest natural flavours in fish and poultry s..


WOMERSLEY Orange & Mace Vinegar

Womersley Orange & Mace Vinegar - (100ml/250ml)Winner of the 2016 Gold Great Taste Awards, this warm and citrusy vinegar is extremely versatile. Our p..


WOMERSLEY Quintessentially British Dressing Vinegars Set

Womersley (2 x 250ml) Quintessentially British Dressing Vinegars SetA classic and versatile salad dressing combination that is fresh, light and fruity..


WOMERSLEY Raspberry & Chilli Jam - 250g

Womersley Raspberry & Chilli Jam - (250g)More than for toast… Our vibrant jam also makes a delicious addition to a cocktail, just add a teaspoonful to..


WOMERSLEY Raspberry Vinegar

Womersley Raspberry Vinegar - (100ml/250ml)Awarded Gold*** in the Great Taste Awards 2014, our famous raspberry vinegar adds a crisp, fresh finish to ..


WOMERSLEY Strawberry & Mint Jam - 250g

Womersley Strawberry and Mint Jam - (250g)More than for cake… If you are planning to make amazing jam tarts, then this is the jam for you. Or why not ..